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GL1000 The Honda Goldwing motorcycle first saw the light of day at the Cologne Motorcycle Show in October 1974, as the flat-four cylinder, 999cc GL1000 Gold Wing and was released to the world for the 1975 model year.

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GL1100 The GL1100 was announced for the 1980 model year and this time Honda got it right. This was the first ever Japanese mass produced motorcycle to roll off the production line fully kitted out as a proper touring motorcycle.

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GL1200 The GL1200 arrived for the 1984 model year and continued the trend set by it's predecessor. Competition from Yamaha's Venture (which many motorcycle magazines compared to the Goldwing)

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GL1500 After a false start the previous year, the long awaited GL1500 finally hit the buying public for the 1988 model year. This of course was a major new model and totally redesigned from the ground up.

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GL1800 The GL1800 was finally announced for the 2001 model year. The official unveiling had been done the previous August and in an age where people could hide small cameras the size of a button on their person,

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GL1800 trike This is the trike version of the Honda Goldwing 1800, one of the best tourers around. A trike means you never have to lean into a turn or put your feet on the pavement when you stop at a ligh

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Treffen 2016 - hotel "Seahorse"


GWCBG Унгария 2011


Спонсор община Поморие


Тера инкогнита

Terra Incognita
Вторник, Август 11, 2020


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Членство в клуба

В клуба се кандидатства при следните условия:

  • Кандидата да притежава GoldWing
  • Да е провоспособен да го управлява
  • Да желае и участва в клубния живот
  • Да успява да се впише в колектива   

Mеждународна мото среща в София – 10-15 септември 2013

Gerbsf 5


  Събитието е съфинансирано от Програма за изпълнение на Общинска стратегия за развитие на физическото възпитание и спорта на Столична община и се реализира в подкрепа на кандидатурата на София за европейска столица на културата - 2019г.




Winning Logo GWEF

Winning Logo GWEF 30 Years withdrawn

logo competition GWEF 30 Years
I want to inform you that when voting for the GWEF 30 year logo competition, it was overlooked that a member of the GWEF committee could not participate in the contest. The creator of the winning logo is a member of the committee and the GWEF officers decided to withdraw the design. A new election will be held and we will vote again in Belgium 2012 which of the remaining designs wll be the logo.
I thank Mark Vanderborght for his understanding. Shortly after the GWEF meeting in Belgium 2012 the winning logo, and the creator, will be made public on this site.
GWEF Chairman
Barry van De Rijdt

Нови модели 2012 г.





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