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Friday, January 17, 2020

Wing Cruiser Article

Wing Cruiser individual program


Wing Cruiser offers an individual program for each client



Program - “Traveling” of Wing Cruiser

You can come in Bulgaria with your own Gold Wing 1800. We will give you, our Gold Wing (free of charge), we will make a special tour program for you for a week - route with good motor roads; a booking of hotels and restaurants; interesting places to visit; museums; galleries; ancient sanctuaries; caves and ruins; personal guide - option). While you wander around and explore Bulgaria, we will convert your Gold Wing in: REVERSED Trike R18 or EML Martinique Trike or Sidecar GT Twin

   With this our program, you will have an unforgettable holiday in Bulgaria, where you will be filled with wonderful memories and you will go home with your new: REVERSED Trike R18 or EML Martinique Trike or Sidecar GT Twin.



Program - “pick up and return” of Wing Cruiser

We will come and take your own Gold Wing from your home (anywhere in Europe) and after one week, we will return it back at home, your new: REVERSED Trike R18; or EML Martinique Trike; or Sidecar GT Twin



Program - “Traveling home service” of Wing Cruiser

If you have a large garage Wing Cruiser will come to you and only for three days we will conversion your own Gold Wing in new: REVERSED Trike R18 or EML Martinique Trike or Sidecar GT Twin

  All this is possible only and solely, after preliminary sent to us detailed information about the requested from you extras: talk about painting; saddles; headlights and etc. Program - “ Buy Back ” of Wing Cruiser Wing Cruiser can redeem your Gold Wing 1800 and deduct the price thereof of the price of your chosen: REVERSED Trike R18 or EML Martinique Trike or Sidecar GT Twin.


Program - “ Gold Rental ” of Wing Cruiser

Wing Cruiser also available and Gold Wing rental. For one day, a weekend , a week or more, our Gold Wing will be the necessary vehicle that lets you discover the charms of Bulgaria if you want. All included in the motorcycle rental price - Insurance; VAT tax; Gold Wing fully equipped; Roadside Assistance; Free shuttle to our office from Sofia airport.


Wing Cruiser Workshop


“Wing Cruiser” is a workshop for custom convert of Honda Gold Wing 1800. We can convert your own Gold Wing in new REVERSED TRIKE R18, or The EML Martinique Тrike or Sidecar GT Twin, just for one week.


Wing Cruiser have own:


• department for upholstering of saddles and etc;

• painting department; • Gold Wing wrapping department;

• custom headlights - angel eyes;

• individual light design;

• conversion Gold Wing in REVERSED TRIKE R18

• conversion Gold Wing in EML Martinique Тrike

• conversion Gold Wing in Sidecar GT Twin

• and many others


+359 885 504 110 - chief еngineer Vasil Todorov

*359 896 717 072  - custom designer Ivaylo Stefanov 




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