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Sunday, March 07, 2021

Treffen 2019

Добре дошли на седмия международен Български трефен.


Come and take your 4* holidays with us 04-08.09.2019

7th Bulgarian Treffen will be held in Plovdiv, one of the most ancient cities of Bulgaria and Europe, selected for European Capital of Culture 2019. Treffen area will be in hotel "SPS" with a outdoor pool and small camping area.

We offer you double room for 50€ breakfast included.

Also every guest of the hotel will enjoy a 10% discount from the hotel's main restaurant.

Pre-inscription up to 1st Julyyou get 10% discountof inscription and hotel, also you get unique T-shirt with your name.

Inscription includes:

T-shirt, lunch, dinner during awards evening Saturday night, BBQ, camping and pool,

group trips, live music, folklore, entertainment, many personal awards, first pre-inscription, first come, best friends of GWCBG and much, much more.



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