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Tuesday, April 20, 2021

Тур - Terra Incognita 2013

Terra Incognita: land of "Magic and Ancient Legends"

Come join our second "Terra Incognita 2013" tour of Bulgaria. This year we will delve into Bulgaria’s land of ‘Magic and Ancient Legends’. We will visit Temples and Thracian tombs, and ride our bikes where Orpheus lived and played. We'll also see how deep the "Devil's Throat" really is. We will bow before the recently discovered and authentic relics of St. John the Baptist, as well as visiting many other mythological places. Along with these ancient and wild revelations, we will end our days relaxing in luxury hotels, and enjoy delicious traditional food with the best wines of the region. Everything will be topped with traditional folklore, and genial company.

For your enjoyment, we offer an ‘All inclusive’ trip. The participation fee includes 7 nights in 4* or 5* hotels, breakfast, lunch, official dinners, visits to museums and national parks, unique t-shirts, badges and certificates. Every day of “Terra Incognita 2013” will find you in a different city, with a themed event and evening dinner. In addition, traditional music and artistic entertainment will be on offer. Please book early as there are a limited number of places available.. This year we have a maximum of 50 wings.

"Terra Incognita" begins where it ended last year in Sofia. This 2013 tour begins with a welcome on Sunday evening 28th July.

The ‘rides out’ will start the next day. The Tour will finish on 04 August in Burgas with a gala dinner.


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